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Grading The Condition Of A Heavy Metal Magazine

01) M (MINT)
02) NM+
04) NM-
05) VFNM (Between VERY FINE and NEAR MINT)
06) VF+
08) VF-
09) FVF (Between FINE and VERY FINE)
10) FN+
11) FN (FINE)
12) FN-
13) VGF (Between VERY GOOD and FINE)
14) VG+
16) VG-
17) GVG (Between GOOD and VERY GOOD)
18) GD+
19) GD (GOOD)
20) GD-
21) FRG (Between FAIR and GOOD)
22) FR+
23) FR (FAIR)
24) FR-
25) PRFR (Between POOR and FAIR)
26) PR+
27) PR (POOR)
28) PR-

Check List Of Things To Look For

01) Cover is:
Flat (M) (NM)
Relatively flat (VF) (FN) (VG) (GD)
Ragged (FR)
Heavily ragged (PR)

02) Cover surface wear:
None (M) (NM)
Almost none (VF)
Slight (FN)
Some (VG) (GD)
Ragged (FR)
Heavily ragged (PR)

03) Cover creases:
None (M) (NM)
Almost unnoticeable inch crease, color not broken (VF) (FN)
Creased (VG) (GD)
Very creased (FR) (PR)

04) Cover placement:
Centered and firmly secured (M) (NM) (VF) (FN)
Loose, but not off (VG) (GD)
Off (FR) (PR)

05) Corners are:
Square and Sharp (M)
Slight blunting (NM) (VF) (FN) (VG)
Scuffed (GD)
Rounded slightly (FR) (PR)

06) Spine tightness and flatness:
Tight and flat (M) (NM)
Almost flat (VF) (FN) (VG) (GD)
Ragged (FR) (PR)

07) Spine quality:
Perfect (M)
Tears less than 1/16 inch, color flecks, slight defected (NM) (VF) (FN)
Tears less than 1/16 inch, color flecks, defected (VG) (GD)
Tears less than 2/3 its length (FR) (PR)

08) Spine stress marks:
None (M)
Almost invisible (NM)
Insignificant (VF)
Slight (FN)
Stressed (VG) (GD) (FR) (PR)

09) Staples:
Clean & centered (M) (NM)
Almost like new (VF) (FN)
Loose, almost like new (VG) (GD)
Missing, rusted (FR) (PR)

10) Centerfold:
Perfect (M) (NM) (VF) (FN)
Loose or detached (VG) (GD)
Missing, but doesn't affect the story (FR)
Missing affecting story (PR)

11) Repair:
None (M) (NM) (VF) (FN)
Minor tape repair (VG) (GD)
Tape repair (FR) (PR)

12) Ink:
Bright (M) (NM)
Off-white (VF) (FN)
Discolored, fading, defected (VG) (GD) (FR)
Absent (PR)

13) Paper is:
Fresh, like new (M) (NM)
Off-white, like new feel (VF) (FN)
A couple minor tears and folds, brown, not brittle (VG) (GD)
Ragged, brown, brittle edges (FR)
Severe tears, brown, severe brittleness, missing (PR)

14) Markings:
None (M) (NM) (VF) (FN)
Small stamps, dates, initials (VG) (GD) (FR)
Big markings of marker, glue, paint, etc. (PR)

15) Soiled:
None (M) (NM) (VF) (FN)
Minor (VG)
Soiled (GD)
Soiled interfering with story (FR)
Severe interfering with story (PR)

16) Missing paper:
None (M) (NM) (VF) (FN)
inch corner (VG)
inch corner (GD)
1/12 front cover, some back cover, cut coupons, tears interfering story (FR)
1/3 front cover, most back cover, missing pages (PR)

17) Eye appeal:
Mint (M)
Less than mint (NM)
Outstanding (VF)
Somewhat reduced (FN)
Shows some wear (VG)
Worn but complete (GD)
Unattractive but near complete (FR)
Ugly and incomplete (PR)