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Taarna Model Kits

Sculpted by Raven Hood

Taarna Model Kit

- 16.5 Inches tall from base of bird to tip of sword
- 14 Inch wingspan

Taarna Prepares For Battle Model Kit

- 5.5 Inches tall on square base
- Limited edition
- Resin

Taarna Model Kits

By Monsters In Motion

Taarna In Robe Model Kit

- 12.5 Inches tall
- Base not included
- Resin

Taarna In Armor Model Kit

-12.5 inches tall
- Base not included
- Resin
- Caution when buying, as there are many cheap fake imitations going around

Toys - Heavy Metal: The Movie
Taarna Bust Model Kit

Sculpted by Jim Fawkes

- Based on the first 1981 Heavy Metal movie
- 1:5 scale