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Basic Information

Release Date - 1990

Gaming System - PC (DOS, Amiga, & Atari ST)

Genre - Adventure

Developer and Publisher - Ubi Soft

Home Of The Underdogs


Full Game:
DOS (380kb)

Additional Information

This game wasn't made by Heavy Metal but it is based on the popular Ranx stories in the Heavy Metal magazines.  Although most people enjoyed the stories, the game got bad reviews.  Most reviews gave it about a 6 out of 10.  The game play is a bit confusing and difficult, and the controls are a bit awkward.


Description On The Back Cover - Your mother wouldn't like it!  From Rome to New York psychoplague is taking its victims.  The president of the United States, himself, is contaminated.  You are Ranx, an andro´d with muscles of steel, and only you can save the world.  But you are being tortured by something even worse.  Your friend Lubna has disappeared and you want to find her at all costs its gonna hurt.